Security Training

Our Company with complete security objectives knowledge and vast experience in field, has specifically designed a group of professionally Security Training Courses.

All our instructors are ex-Military & Law Enforcement Officers, Maritime Law Experts and University Professors.

  1. Maritime Security Operative (MSO):
  • Level 1: Basic MSO Training
  • Level 2: Advanced MSO Training
  • Level 3: Team Leaders’ Training
  1. Firearms Competency Course – Maritime Competency Course.
  2. VIP Close Protection Training.
  3. First Aid – First Person on Scene & Combat Medic Course.
  4. Survival Technics, Principles & Psychology – Sea Survival.
  5. Security Awareness Training for Seafarers.
  6. Port Facility Security Officer Training (PFSO).
  7. Crisis & Risk Management Training.
  8. Vital Installation & Port Facilities Security.
  9. Operational Intelligence- Counter Surveillance.