About our company

Founded in 2009 by a group of Ex-Military Officers for the purpose of advising, training and protecting seafarers from the threat of piracy, armed robbery and illegal boarding on board merchant vessels.

Since the beginning our company has successfully accomplished over 3000 missions (armed/unarmed) in High Risk Areas worldwide, without any incident of hijacking, breach of security measures or any incident/accident.

Our company is dedicated to provide all her services at the highest possible level with respect to SAFETY, HEALTH and SECURITY.

Company’s long-term aspirations and goals are:

  • ZERO Accidents on the Operational Field.
  • ALWAYS Respect human life and rights.
  • ZERO Customer complaints.
  • ALWAYS Keep staff at the highest possible operational level.

Our Business Development

In an uncertain world full of risk of terrorism, piracy and organized crime our Company promise to keep offering effectively and professionally services that will deliver true satisfaction to our clients.

Therefore, our company in order to provide the highest possible services, has developed a specific department conducted by dedicated ex-military (Hellenic Navy Seals, Special Forces, etc.) and law enforcement officers, which with their unique training and vast experience in multiple operations, have one single purpose, continually plan with very precision, accuracy and professionalism company’s new business areas of development in order to assure the safety and security of our clients, always in respect of the human rights and life.

Who we are

Our company’s management chain ashore is consisted by ex- High Rank Military (Hellenic Navy, Navy Seals, Special Forces) and Law Enforcement (Antiterrorist Units) Officers with NATO background and vast experience from worldwide special operations.

Our Security Operational Units are composed by dedicated ex-military and Law enforcement personnel with long training and operative background in all security operational fields and real hostile environments.

With their military training background and with continuous training and technics updates, we ensure to maintain our operational staff at the highest possible operational level.

Our Operational Offices

MSI Hellas

MSI Cyprus

MSI Panama

MSI Egypt

MSI Kenya

MSI Nigeria

Our company currently is maintaining six (6) full operational offices worldwide in order to cover our client’s needs.For our Maritime Security Operations, we co-operate we eleven (11) sub operational stations (floating armories etc.) worldwide where we are keeping our weaponry, security equipment and teams in order to deploy them worldwide 24/7.

Our Accreditation

Authorized to deploy armed teams on board merchant vessels by all flags states (Panama, Greece, Cyprus, Bahamas, Malta etc.).